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The eyebrows are one of the most neglected features in the art of make-up. However, they play a crucial role for professional make-up artists because they define the appearance of the face like no other feature. Whether you’re a professional or amateur, you will definitely need to correct, fill in or reduce the eyebrows depending on the finish you’re looking to achieve. You should also be aware that incorrectly applied make-up can have an ageing effect, create an uneven facial form or even convey an unwanted expression through your eyes. To master make-up for your brows and eyes, discover the right professional tools and corresponding make-up guide.

Your essential tools for impeccable brows

Tweezers and scissors are your first line of defence against unruly brows. With these accessories, you can easily shape and correct thickness and length, by snipping and adjusting. In particular, scissors help to sculpt brows: you can get rid of hairs that are too long without making the task overly complicated.

Numerous make-up artists have banished pencils from their make-up arsenal. However, these accessories are a must for impeccable brows: they enable you to add to the dimensions or volume of a fine brow, and to even out unequal brows…

Finally, eyebrow shadows and other powder products can provide the desired dimension and depth to brows, while offering multiple possibilities for personalisation.

Impeccable brow make-up

Well-defined brows create an intense look and balance out the facial features. In order to achieve this, a little bit of practice will enable you to play with the colour, form and just the right dose of product that will enhance the look of your make-up. Learn to find the right shade by looking at the overall tone of the face, knowing that you can either go for a light shade or a darker shade.

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