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A symbol of femininity, impeccable lips give the face a sensual or fresh look, depending on the colour chosen. While lip colour follows fashions and trends, for many of us it’s the mainstay of our make-up. To apply your lip colour like a pro, Make-up Atelier Paris has developed a wide range of premium lipsticks, glosses and moisturising balms. It’s up to you whether to go for the classic glamour of carmine red lipstick, the simplicity of nude make-up or the subtlety of a glossy effect.

Technique for applying lip colour

Applying lip colour is not as simple as it seems. It requires a certain know-how, or at least a lot of concentration. Firstly, don’t forget that to achieve a professional finish, you need to coordinate your eyes and lips. If you chose a strong look for the eyes, go for nude lips, and vice versa. To ensure an optimum application of lipstick or gloss, you need to look after your lips regularly. Moisturise them with a lip balm and, if necessary, exfoliate them with a product that is specifically designed for the lips. Pay attention to the harmony of your facial features for the best beauty enhancement. If your lips are narrow, don’t go for dark lip colours and instead opt for shine to give them volume. If you have plump lips, go for a matt lipstick. A transparent, beige or pink tone lipstick or gloss creates a nude make-up look, while a stronger tone will create a bold look.

Bullet or liquid lipstick?

There are a multitude of different lip colours available, combined with a range of textures, colours and shine effects… The choice is endless and offers us a lot of freedom when selecting our make-up. Beauty addicts, as well as professional make-up artists love to alternate between bullet lipsticks and liquid lipsticks. Classic, prestigious and respectful of the lip shape, lipsticks, or bullet lipsticks remain a guarantee of flawless make-up for your face. Liquid lipsticks made their appearance in the make-up world more recently. We love them for their ease of application and long-lasting hold. Professional make-up artists are increasingly using lipstick palettes: their colour shading allows you to define the lips and increase their volume. Finally, to enhance the effect of your lip colour, or for nude lips, think about adding a dab of gloss! Lightweight and shiny, gloss gently and discretely enhances your lips.

Apply your lip colour correctly!

To apply your lip colour like a pro, work in stages: lip colour should not be applied lightly! First of all, begin by defining the lip contour using a well-sharpened lip liner. Then, apply the lip colour from the centre and work outwards to the corners. The method is the same whether the lip colour comes in a tube, or is a bullet or liquid. Start with the upper lip. Finally, if you want to accentuate the glamour effect with a touch of shine, apply a dab of gloss.

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