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It’s THE essential product and the base of all make-up: foundation has the power to enhance your skin in an instant! Well-applied foundation illuminates your face, guaranteeing a healthy-looking complexion. Apply it with moderation, so that the finish is as natural as possible and therefore preserves the quality of your make-up. If the skin on your face suffers from blemishes, clever use of foundation will enable you to erase these imperfections. But be careful about the choice of colour! Each skin tone is unique and your choice of foundation should not be selected at random: go too light and your face will look pasty; go too dark and you will lose any natural effect. In all these situations, picking the wrong foundation will ruin the overall effect of your make-up. The Make-up Atelier Paris online store offers you a wide variety of shades (from apricot, bisque, beige and golden hues through to ochre, and so on), and which are further refined by undertones.

Professional liquid foundation

The stand out feature of our liquid foundation is its ease of application. Its lightweight texture ensures a natural-looking finish and evens out the complexion without needing to build up coverage. For impeccable make-up, professionals recommend applying foundation with your fingertips or a sponge. The fluidity of this foundation also enables you to play on the degree of coverage, achieving the effect of a sheer veil on healthy-looking skin. Make-up Atelier Paris has perfected premium, liquid foundations. Make-up Atelier Paris liquid foundations are waterproof, as well as being resistant against perspiration, tears and excess sebum. They are the ideal make-up base for combination or oily skins!

Gel foundation: maximum coverage of imperfections

It is very rare to have flawless facial skin and from the instant you wake up! To conceal imperfections and erase the signs of fatigue, Make-up Atelier Paris has perfected gel foundations with a high level of coverage. Professional make-up artists even use it for a camouflaging effect. Available in a colour palette that ranges from very fair through to very deep, Make-up Atelier Paris gel foundation evens out the skin’s complexion and enhances your make-up. To ensure a super soft finish, apply over a moisturising base.

Premium mineral powder foundation

Powder foundation is a must-have for beauty addicts! Compact mineral powder foundation is recommended for quick daily make-up application. It is especially suitable for delicate or oily skin because it absorbs excess sebum. Mineral powder foundation is applied with a stippling or kabuki brush. It ensures optimum coverage of imperfections and creates a satin finish. Professional make-up artists recommend it for a nude make-up look.

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