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The way in which we manage our make-up says a long about our personality… There are those who organise their vanity case in a logical, efficient manner, and then those to like to lose themselves in a mountain of make-up products! But, whatever your method, we have all been confronted with a situation in which one colour was missing in the quest for flawless make-up: the most sophisticated make-up for an evening out, a slightly more golden hue for when you’re just back from holiday, the need to coordinate your make-up with an article of clothing, and then there’s the time when you’re cruelly lacking the right shade of lipstick or foundation! Make-up Atelier Paris has created colour kits that enable you to adapt your make-up as required, or simply depending on your mood!

Foundation kit

To ensure a perfect, radiant-looking complexion, you must prioritise the choice and application of your foundation. Gel foundation and its concealing properties are perfect for masking the signs of fatigue. Make-up professionals also use gel foundation as a camouflage, and for theatrical or catwalk make-up. For everyday make-up, liquid foundation is appreciated for its natural-looking finish and its lightweight texture, which is easy to apply. Make-up Atelier Paris has created kits containing 12 shades of liquid foundation, with undertones ranging from pale/light, light/medium to medium/ebony. Thanks to the subtle shades of these make-up kits, you can adapt your skin tone to your skin’s colour variations, for example, after sun exposure. However, Make-up Atelier Paris is also a brand that is aimed at professional make-up artists! With our foundation kits, make-up pros can blend shades and create a foundation that is unique to the person whose make-up you’re applying, resulting in a precise, high-quality finish.

Lip colour kit

Lip colour expresses personality, reveals creativity and inspires fashion trends. Applying lip colour also requires a certain skill in terms of make-up: defining with a lip pencil, applying the lip colour, choosing the right colour and level of shine. Make-up Atelier Paris lip colours stand out due to their long-lasting hold, moisturising properties and creamy texture. As with any make-up, lip colour must be in harmony with your skin tone, as well as enhancing your outfit: you wouldn’t wear the same lipstick to work that you’d wear in the evening! This is why you will find lip colour kits on the Make-up Atelier Paris online store. Red, pink, violet: each tone will enable you to play on the intensity of your lipstick, while ensuring colour coherence. Bullet lipstick or liquid lipstick, subtle or intense colours, it’s up to you to choose!

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