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Eyeliner works miracles on the eyes. He has magic power over the eyes that he transforms in one stroke! Overview of this route that highlights a result of make up professional!

Eyeliner in all its states

It is presented in several states, but its mission remains the same: to sublimate the look through its layout. The eyeliner bends to all desires and dresses the eyes in all ways. The pen model is the most widespread and recognizable by its soft and fine brush. This type of eyeliner is especially for beginners. In felt, it provides more precision and offers different results depending on its mine. In the form of cream, it has a more professional character and gives a vibrant black effect with the beveled brush. The eyeliner necessarily finds its place in your makeup bag, whatever it is. Beginner or already addicted to makeup, practice drawing on your eyes lines that look like you. Once you have found the line that sublimates your eyes, you will not separate from this precise and valuable tool. Choose the one you like among eyeliners pen, liquid, gel or cream.

The eyeliner in all its splinters

The eyeliner gives brilliant and dazzling results according to its layout. For a classic trait, extend your look by drawing the line from the lash line and back inwards.

For a glamorous effect, go on a classic line that you will then thicken from the tip to go out of the eye.

For a graphic stroke, increase the volume of your glamorous line on its lower part. Then join the bottom and the tip.

The eyeliner is applied on a naked eyelid and the closer it is to the lash line, the more the result will be worthy of a professional make up. Another golden rule, always work the eyeliner without pulling the eyelid! This bad habit could well

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