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Have you ever dreamed of having doe eyes that will make Hollywood stars pale? Make-up Workshop offers a wide selection of false eyelashes that will give you a star look while brightening your eyes.

False eyelashes : a professional make up to accentuate natural lashes

False eyelashes are small clusters of natural or synthetic hair that we stick to form eyelashes. They can be applied in small sections to subtly increase the volume of your natural eyelashes or as an entire piece to have a dramatic effect. In the first case, false eyelashes can be used if you have fine or short eyelashes to create a natural look. Adjust your false lashes according to the layout of your natural eyelashes, then drop a little glue to create a look that will last all day.

False eyelashes : a professional make up to create a bold look

If you are going to a Halloween party or another disguised party and you want a bold or dramatic look, use false eyelashes that extend the full length of your eyelashes. When paired with a unique make-up, the false eyelash will not look natural, but will instead create a bold rendering that gives the appearance of longer lashes, whether you are standing on a stage or diving into a room dark. In this case, instead of applying the glue on the eyelid, the adhesive can be directly applied to the false eyelashes. Note that there are two types of false eyelashes that differ according to their duration of application: false eyelashes and extensions. These accessories are designed to be applied for long periods, usually from several days to more than 5 months. In addition to the duration of exposure, there are also several selection criteria to determine the type of false eyelashes adapted to your makeup: hair types (natural or synthetic), eyelash length, sale by pair or grouped.

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